Sex and Vanity – Kevin Kwan


Lucie Churchill has lived her life within a very narrow box thanks to her stifling family.

You’d think that being incredibly rich would lead her to a life of glamor and excitement but instead she’s constantly petrified of stepping one foot out of line.

During a visit to the Capri island, Lucie (for the first time) steps outside her family’s boundaries thanks to the irresistible George Zao.

Unfortunately, she’s quickly discovered and the gilded cage clamps more firmly down than ever before.

Years later, Lucie is now engaged to an “appropriate man” and her life is set for a steady (if not a bit boring) path.

And then…HE comes back into her life. What ever shall Lucie do?



I LOVED Crazy Rich Asians and will adore that book to my dying day. And I’ve been eagerly awaiting Kevin Kwan’s latest book for years now.

But this one?

I feel like it missed its mark for me a bit.

I mean on the one hand, it had the opulence and grandeur and petty/entertaining squabbles that I love but the way they were written…it just felt too similar to Crazy Rich Asians.

It felt like I was in the same world as his other series rather than somewhere entirely new.

And the other thing that drew me out of the series was…I had a hard time liking Lucie.

In the beginning of the book, I adored her. But as time went on and as more of her antics came it light, I felt myself pulling away from her.

She just ended up being vindictive and mean, and I didn’t enjoy reading that.

Lowkey, I wish her love interest was with someone else cause gosh…he deserved better.

A huge thank you to DoubleDay Books and Kevin Kwan for sending me a free copy in exchange for an honest review!

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