The Promise


Imagine my surprise when I wake up Christmas Morning to this GORGEOUS book.

I’ve been a fan of avatar for about a decade now and have always been curious about the comics for the series.

For those not in the know, the comics pick up where the cartoon’s series ends and provides cannon adventures for the Gaang.

However, I’ve always been uncertain where to start or what to buy to get into the series.

The Promise contains volumes 1-3 of the Avatar comics, and chronicles what happens right after the series ends.

Toph begins her metal-bending school, Aang and Katara are lovey-dovey, Sokka is Sokka and Zuko struggles with being a ruler.

I loved the illustrations and the tone of the comics. It truly felt like the story was being continued opposed to the comics re-interpreting the series.

I also liked that within the 3-volume collection, we get little notes from the creators about why and how they made the comics. From artistic choices to plot direction analyses. It was so cool to see all of that!

All in all, I highly recommend this for the Avatar fan!!

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