The Search


As a HUGE fan of the Avatar series – I was so excited to finally get to reading the comics.

The first one (The Promise) set up the scene post-battle with the fire lord.

This trio of comics focused more on how the characters are coping and dealing with their own personal troubles.

In particular, Zuko is trying to become the best ruler of the fire nation that he can be BUT he’s plagued by guilt, uncertainty and fear.

And…he wants to know what happened to his mom.

Overall thoughts on this – it was really good.

I’m loving the art style and the way the authors are expanding the ATLA universe in the comics so far.

I also like the way the book was put together – it has three comics combined into one hardcover book with feedback from the authors in the margins.

The plot was really good. It was cool to see how the world has changed and the different ways the characters interacted with it!

And I can rest easy now that I know what happened to Zuko’s mom!

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