Devolution – Max Brooks


“I think the human mind isn’t comfortable with mysteries. We’re always looking for answers to the unexplained. And if an answer can’t come from facts, we’ll try to cobble one together from old stories.”

Greenloop was supposed to be the perfect eco-friendly town – located an hour and a half south of Seattle and accessible only by a single road.

Supplies are dropped by drone, electricity comes from solar and they make their own methane from…waste… iPhones and iPads control much of the digital systems.

In short – it was supposed to be a haven.

After the Mount Rainier’s eruption, the residents decide to stay in their homes and some begin making preparations for the long wait for rescue.

“Why are we always looking for someone else to save us instead of trying to save ourselves?”

And at first, things went well. Some dealt better with the eruption than others but overall it is good.

That is, until Sasquatch attacked.

At first Kate is unsure of what she’s seeing – shapes in the darkness.

Things moving where they shouldn’t. When they discover the first skeleton picked clean – she begins to realize the true horror of what awaits the residents of Greenloop.

“ Is there something about how we’re wired, something universally human?”

This book worked surprisingly well.

Sasquatch has always been one of the goofier urban legends to me – something to giggle and poke fun at.

But Max Brooks manages to ground the legend like never before. Told through a diary, interviews with park rangers and zoologists – he paints a very real and horrifying picture for the residents of Greenloop.

I really enjoyed the pacing and the slow-tidbits of reveals. It was wild and exciting and above all fascinating.

I really want more from the book and yet, at the same time, I’m wholly and completely satisfied with how it turned out.

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