We Are Not Here to Be Bystanders – Linda Sarsour


Linda Sarsour – the organizer behind the Women’s March (a worldwide protest in 2017 against the election of Donald Trump) has been making waves in her community for years.

She’s a strong political activist and never shied away from speaking her truth – that the right to peace, justice and equality should be just that, a fundamental right.

In her memoir, she chronicles her unique childhood and what sparked her journey into activism as a Muslim American.

She discusses her accomplishments through various acts of activism and the very real and tangible results that came from it.

She explains the purpose of the Women’s March and how she was able to achieve that amazing turnout…and why she continues to fight to this day.

In light of recent events…more people NEED to read this book. Seriously.

I loved Linda’s perspective and how she systematically evaluates injustices and fights to make a difference.

I particularly loved reading about how her childhood formed her passion and how she uses that passion to fuel herself to this day.

I really, really recommend this book!

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