The Soldiers’ Perspective – Phillip Murrell


Watch it, buddy. You’re about to open some childhood trauma.

This story is told through scattered perspectives across the universe.

There’s T’az, the leader of the Shadow Squad and the Disciples of Death, he runs a very small, elite group of humans, cyborgs, etc as they battle across the galaxy.

Shadow Squad, let’s fly.

We also follow Sare and his wife – both of whom are in the army and secretly, desperately hope to be approved to have a child.

There’d be time to mourn later. For now, Sare just wanted more targets.

There’s Arik who is more cyborg than human, and Ungul (a warlord) and so on.

All of these storylines are told separately as the characters wage their individual battles before coming together to for the crescendo of the book.

By piecing together the individual narratives, you are able understand the overarching and all-encompassing story.

Most of them end up allying to fight for the universe against a (mostly) unknown evil, who is set on destroying the Outsystem Alliance (alliance formed when there was a giant treaty between aliens, humans, and cyborgs).

Overall, I quite enjoyed this book!

In the beginning, I was confused a bit with the ever-changing perspectives.

It kind of felt like every time I sunk into a set of characters, the rug was swept out from under me…and yet…that worked so well.

With time, I loved how each snippet brought a taste of a new world/alliance/species and contributed to the overall plot.

It was really fun to see events from the first perspective bubble up into the other characters’ lives and how they help (or hinder) the cause.

Phillip Murrell has such a gift with storytelling and truly made this story memorable. I loved the way he writes sci-fi – so truly fascinating and exciting to read about the various characters and figure out their pasts.

All in all, I definitely enjoyed this one and I cannot WAIT for Murrell’s next book!!

With thanks to the author for sending me a free copy in exchange for an honest review

2 thoughts on “The Soldiers’ Perspective – Phillip Murrell

  1. I did a beta read for this one, I also enjoyed it (and one of my suggestions apparently made it to the finished product). I liked how you’re not told who you should be rooting for.

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