Sixteen Scandals – Sophie Jordan


Primrose has spent her life behind bars – okay not really, but her mother might as well imprisoned her.

From the moment Primrose could talk, her mother has set laid down the rules – Lady Druthers’ Guide to be precise – and absolutely refused any and all signs of rebellion.

While Primrose has chaffed around having such strict guidelines for her life, she has played the role of dutiful daughter to a T (or…rather close to a T) all in hopes for her 16th birthday – where she would finally (FINALLY) get a chance to join her sisters at the parties and balls.

But when her birthday finally comes – disappointment.

Her mother is more concerned with getting Astrid married and decides to postpone Primrose’s debut indefinitely.

And that sparks a little bit of rebellion in Primrose’s heart.

I have liked a total of five historical fiction books in my life – so this is NOT my genre of choice (by no exaggeration) so take it from me – this book was ah-maz-ing.

I loved it.

It was so, so much fun to read.

The characters were well-done, the romance was light and perfect. I seriously want to re-read it, it was THAT good!!

This book had sixteen chapters, with each chapter beginning with an “excerpt” from the etiquette guide, which ties into that chapter (as one of the sixteen scandals) – which made for a fun tie-in with the title.

All in all, this was a great book!

I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review

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