In a Book Club Far Away – Tif Marcelo


Regina Castro, Adelaide Wilson-Chang and Sophie Walden were all army wives years ago stationed together in the same area (Fort East) from 2011-2012.

In modern times (2021), the three of them live in completely different areas and there was a significant tear in their friendship (resulting in Sophie/Regina splitting but remaining (individually) friends with Adelaide).

In 2021, Adelaide sends an SOS message to her best friends, they both come running (and are mutually shocked that the other was there).

Adelaide has a two-year-old daughter, her husband is overseas and she’s scheduled for an essential surgery.

She needs Sophie to take care of her (Sophie is a nurse) and Regina to take care of the two-year-old…And Adelaide secretly hopes her two friends would resolve their differences but after ten years, is there any relationship worth saving?

This book is told through alternating perspectives (“modern” day (set in 2021) and the past (2011-2012)). As the book progresses, we get to see what drove their friend group apart and how that affected their current lives.

I normally don’t go for contemporaries but this one was an exception. Well written, well-fleshed out main characters. I enjoyed the flashbacks and forwards.

I did think the ending was a little rushed (not by a lot, but a little) but other than that, I really enjoyed this one!!

I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review

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