Her Name Was Abby – Peter Martuneac


Still reeling from the loss of her foster-father and mentor, Abby is struggling.

She knows she has to keep going but she doesn’t know how or why.

And while she gains temporary reprieve with a handful of friends, she is soon forced out of that protective area and forced to keep running.

But with zombies, raiders and more on her tail, what happens when she no longer wants to keep going?

It was absolutely wonderful to rejoin this world.

It honestly took me a while to pick up this one cause well…if you read the first one…you know what happens to you-know-who.

And given the title similarities between books 1 and 2…I just didn’t know if I wanted to pick up book 2 and face the same potential end for Abby.

But whew. My fears were unfounded. Thank goodness.

I ended up really enjoying the story from Abby’s point of view – I loved watching her grow as a character and I was impressed by her strength.

The plot for this one felt a bit long – I almost wish that it was split between two books cause there were nearly enough pages for that!

But ultimately I was entertained throughout – and there were plenty of interesting or diverting side plots as well!

I did love that in a zombie apocalypse book, Peter Martuneac focuses on what keeps us human.

Overall – thumbs up for this one!

With thanks to the author for sending me a free copy in exchange for an honest review

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