The Jane Austen Society – Natalie Jenner


It all started with Adam and the mysterious American woman.

The woman was lost, wandering the hills of Chawton, a small English village, and when she found Adam, she asked to be taken to the graveyard.

At first Adam was puzzled but then again, the second world war just ended…but then the American clarifies. She wants to see Jane Austen.

Chawton was the last home and eternal resting place of the famous author (who died a hundred and fifty years ago).

And bringing the woman to the graveyard, Adam turns to leave but not before she insists that he must read Austen’s work. Little does she know, she sparks a lifelong love of literature in him.

Years later, Adam finds himself joining with a group of people – the lonely Dr. Grey, the young widow Adeline, a Hollywood actress and more – in an attempt to preserve what’s left of the Austen estate. They form the Jane Austen Society.

But so many powerful people only look at Austen’s life and legacy as dollar signs – will they be able to preserve anything at all?

I came into this book with pretty high expectations – after all, this book is centered on THE Jane Austen (one of my absolute favorite authors) – and those expectations were definitely met.

I loved learning about Austen’s life and how themes of her famous books kept weaving in and out of the story.

–A quick note to historical fans, this one was a more loosey-goosey historical fiction in the sense that there is a real Jane Austen Society that formed in the 1940s but the people who created it are not the subject of this story. ( You can learn a little about it here )

That being said, I rather enjoyed it. The historical atmosphere of the book was fabulous – and while I’m not an expert in the era, it definitely felt like I was transported post WWII era England.

I also really liked how the story focused so heavily on character development. I enjoyed watching all of the people interact and grow.

Overall, I loved this book!

I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review!

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