Big Summer – Jennifer Weiner


Daphne Berg and Drue Cavanaugh were once best friends. Kind of. The friendship was a little one-sided and had a slight frenemies vibe but still…

Until that one day where Drue pushed Daphne just way too far.

Six years later, Daphne has completely (and utterly) moved on. She has a comfortable influencer life, she just made a major plus-size brand deal AND she’s hit her body confidence groove.


Apparently Drue is getting married and has not made a lot (read: any) friends since high school.

Desperate to have someone standing up on her side of the wedding, Drue begs Daphne to be a bridesmaid.

Daphne is a little hesitant, but she’s no longer the doubting little teenager…but somehow being with Drue brings back all the high school memories. But surely Daphne can resist her friend’s spell, right?

Whew. Okay. So. This was quite possibly one of the wildest books I’ve read in a long time.

Like, I picked up this book cause I was like, hmm…I could use a cute summer romance with estranged friends but I was soooo wrong.

To be honest, I don’t even want to talk about the book anymore cause the surprise was so fun for me…and I don’t want to accidently give anything away.

Ending thoughts: This was a great book! And a perfect one to go in blind!

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