Tweet Cute – Emma Lord


Pepper is the swim team captain and type A-personality. She’s spent the last four years working her butt off at her fancy private school in order to get into a good college.

BUT she has a secret. She’s also the heiress of Big League Burger chain and she runs their twitter account.

And then there’s Jack – the underachieving twin to one of the most popular kids in the school. He always knows how to needle Pepper in just the right way to get a reaction.

BUT he has a secret. He is the heir of a small deli that is a local favorite and he runs their twitter account.

It all comes to a head when the two twitter accounts start a feud… and the rest is history.

Thoughts on this one:

I honestly didn’t have high expectations. I was expecting a really gimmicky book and one that would fall along the lines of “How’re you doing fellow kids?” based solely on the title.


Was I wrong.

This one had so much heart, soul and hilarity.

I loved both of the characters – they both just felt so real.

The way they both put on a brave face while internalizing their struggles, the way they were reaching out to each other without even knowing it and the way they just took life on – I loved it all.

The plot itself went so much better than expected – so many genuine moments and tension-filled scenes. I couldn’t tear my eyes away.

Overall – this one was fabulous and I definitely feel like it is the perfect contemporary YA romance.

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