You Got This Mama! – Liz Swenson


This is a short & sweet intro to motherhood and what to expect when your life suddenly upends.

It contains a few inspiration quotes to get through the tough times, short paragraphs about need-to-know information and lovely infographics about what-to-do with all that poo.

I liked the balance between lighthearted humor and a bit more serious take on life.

I enjoyed how the author frequently interjects tidbits she’s learned over the years – and one of my faves is what to do when you are overwhelmed with a crying baby.

There’s this impulse to drop everything (even when you are drop-dead-exhausted) to try to “help” but as Liz says in this book – it is important to take a moment, steady yourself and then jump in to help with the baby.

I feel like that applies not just to motherhood but universally to life’s stressors – take care of yourself, then tackle the problem.

All in all, I really enjoyed this book and I’m definitely going to be remembering this info!

With Thanks to Familius for sending this one my way

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