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The Turning Point – Julia Ash

★★★★ ½ Look at that gorgeous cover! Also, check that out! That's my name in the book! The Written Review ...screams spread across the valley and echoed off the canyon walls. Indeed, The Turning Point had begun. Ruby has been through the wringer - zombies, vampires, the whole nine yards. Things have finally calmed down, at least a… Continue reading The Turning Point – Julia Ash

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Some Good News – BookTube Special Edition

Hi all! The first episode of Some Good News - BookTube Special Edition is up! I'm so excited to share it all with you - it was such a fun and exciting challenge. A huge thank you to all of the authors and contributors to this adventure. Michael Leannah If you'd like to submit your Good… Continue reading Some Good News – BookTube Special Edition

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The Tether – Julia Ash

★★★★ ½ A shudder raced down her spine. Something was coming... Ruby Spencer has surprised the world over and over. She was the one (and only) human to be immune to the zombie apocalypse and nine years ago, she was transformed into a vampire (thanks to a unhinged genius). She settled back into her "old" life but unfortunately, the past… Continue reading The Tether – Julia Ash