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The Turning Point – Julia Ash


★★★★ ½

Look at that gorgeous cover! Also, check that out! That’s my name in the book!


The Written Review

…screams spread across the valley and echoed off the canyon walls.
Indeed, The Turning Point had begun.

Ruby has been through the wringer – zombies, vampires, the whole nine yards.

Things have finally calmed down, at least a little bit, but one desperate call sends Ruby flying out into the night.

Truth was: danger never considered anyone’s needs or wants. Danger had no timelock, or schedule. It never abided by any civilized rules.

Irene, Ruby’s long-time friend and wife of the POTUS, attempted an experimental cure (with emphasis on the experiment part) for her stage-4 cancer.

Unfortunately, the experimental cure was a colossal failure. With Irene’s passing fresh in her mind, Ruby turns to go home.

But then the unthinkable happens.

She had forgotten what it felt like to be a victim.

Ruby is an incredibly tight spot.

Her family is miles away and are dealing with issues of their own – the animals are rising up.

It’s become increasingly apparent that the balance between Earth and Athanasia.

With the animals becoming more and more unsettled – it will take the Tether to unite them… but what can the world do when the one and only tether is missing?

Ahhh. It’s been such a fun journey with this series and I’m so sorry to see it end.

I’ve been with The ELI Chronicles from the start and I’ve adored reading each book from the series.

I absolutely LOVE the way Ash portrays family in her series – it feels like so many books focus on family breaking apart or struggling.

But in this book, the family is strong and immobile with the rest of the world providing the conflict.

I loved watching Ruby grow and develop over the years – and this book, whew. She was fabulous.

I also adored watching Gabby as she grew up and into her powers. She’s such a realistic kid.

And Clay? Well, I’m leaving what happens to him as a surprise but suffice to say – took me by COMPLETE surprise and yet it was perfect.

The plot this round…I have to admit when I first read it I wasn’t sure how it could work. Ash’s books are already so jam-packed and I thought, “talking animals? Surely not.”

And yet…it worked so well.

It added just the right dimension to the book and provided a unique and fabulously interesting plot direction.

All in all, I absolutely loved this book series and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Julia’s next book is right around the corner.

P.s. here’s one of my fave quotes from the book:

“You’re alive.”
“I’m a vampire. Technically, I’m undead – which mostly falls on the spectrum of the deceased.”

A huge thank you to Julia Ash for sending me an ebook arc and publishing her final book with a quote from me in it! Also, thank you for sending me a signed copy in exchange for an honest review.

Interested in this one from Julia Ash? Buy it here:  Amazon

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  1. Thank you so much for reading and reviewing all three of my books in the series, Miranda!!! I’m so glad you enjoyed The Turning Point 🙂 !!! YAY!!! I appreciate you soooooo much!!!!

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