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Why Don’t You Write My Eulogy Now So I Can Correct It? – Patricia Marx & Roz Chast



Never do anything you can pay someone else to do

Patricia Marx’s mother has always had advice aplenty to pass along to her daughter…and luckily, Patricia kept all of it.

Her mother has saying for every situation – from the mundane to the highly specific – and all were absolutely hilarious.

If you feel guilty about throwing out leftovers, put them in the back of your refrigerator for five days and then throw them out.

This short book combines all of Patricia’s mother’s advice with adorable illustrations by Roz Chast into one short and sweet handbook for life. 

Overall, I loved reading all of the advice – her mother was an absolute hoot.

One of my favorite parts is when Patricia Marx, second grade, decides to run away. Her mother helps her pack, preps a lunch and then says:

“You can go anywhere you want,” she told me, “as long as you don’t cross the street.”

The drawings were really well done and brought life to the story. I loved the color and the style of the images!

I do wish the book was a bit longer and had more quotes – they were so fun and I was sad when the book was over!

My mother has no interest in the past other than regretting it.

With thanks to the publisher for a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

Interested in this one from Patricia Marx and Roz Chast? Buy it here:  Amazon

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