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Luis and Tabitha – Stephanie Campisi & Hollie Mengert



It was love. Love from afar.
Love from far too afar.

Luis, a handsome black-and-white tuxedo cat, lives (unofficially) in a small fire station.

Luis was a cat about town.
Perfectly suave.

And he is perfectly happy with his life …until…

He climbed a wall.
And saw Tabitha.
Elegant. Silky.
Purfectly sophisticated.

And just like that – Luis is head over heels.

He tries sardine bouquets, he tries mice and birds – and Tabitha is absolutely head over heels.

There’s only one problem – Tabitha’s owner doesn’t take too kindly to a stray cat sniffing around her Tabitha.

Will the star-crossed lovers stay together? Or will they forever be kept apart?

“Shoo!” she cried. “Shoo!”
Luis shooed, but he wasn’t done.

Now, I fully acknowledge that I am a twenty-six year old (and the only children I have are Pudge (dwarf frog), Agatha (box turtle), and Squamish (lil’ terrier)) but by-gosh, I was reading children’s books when I was four years old and I will continue to read them until I’m a hundred and four!

In short – this book makes my heart happy.

The story was sweet with just the right amount of light humor (a bouquet of sardines! Ha!).

I feel like love in children’s books can sometimes be a little too abstract or focus on the wrong aspects but this one was just right.

I loved Luis’s gentle wooing and the way Tabitha absolutely falls in love at first sight.

The cats were just made for each other and that was communicated so well through the text and illustrations!

Hollie Mengert, the illustrator, has such a wonderful style and makes the little gestures in the book come alive. The pictures really made the book pop!

All in all, if you are looking for an adorable little “romance” for your kiddo – this one is perfect. It has all the right feels – plus a little bit of danger (nothing that true love can’t save!).

With many thanks to the author and Familius for sending me a free copy in exchange for an honest review!

Interested in this one from Stephanie Campisi and Hollie Mengert? Buy it here:  Amazon

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