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The Magical Unicorn Society Official Handbook – Selwyn E. Phipps


★★★ ½

For as long as there have been humans, there have been unicorns…

The Magical Unicorn Society, headed by Selwyn E. Phipps, has always struggled acquire information on these elusive creatures.

For years, the Magical Unicorn Society was a top-secret organization…

But now the society realized that in order to further their knowledge that they need to recruit.

Selwyn wrote a handbook for all the new members – covering the most essential aspects of unicorn lives, after all:

Unicorns are among the most elusive creatures on Earth…

He focuses on how to spot unicorns in the wild – as well as plenty of fun facts about their habitats and dietary needs.

He provides an in-depth analysis of the various breeds – from Water Moons to Desert Flames – this book has it all.

All in all – I am seriously impressed by this book.

The fun and fabulous way Selwyn wrote about unicorns was set the tone perfectly.

He spends a little of time talking about the different breeds – what they are known for, their special powers and histories. It was so cool to “learn” about the species!

In between the species spotlights, there were sections about unicorn habitats and habits. 

In addition, the illustrations were more than a little amazing. Every page had these gorgeous full-color illustrations. They were beyond impressive.

The Magical Unicorn Society Official Handbook was a fun way to spruce up the genre – and I will definitely be picking up a copy for my younger cousins!

Let’s get lost in the land of unicorns

Interested in this one from Selwyn E. Phipps? Buy it here:  Amazon

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