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At the Stroke of Goodnight – Clay Rice



The evening glows in the twilight.
And all is quiet at the stroke of goodnight.

The sun is down and the moon is up.

All throughout the farm, the wild animals and the barn animals are settling down.

The faint rustle of leaves
from the doe and her fawn.

But what about inside the house?

A baby coos.
A mommy sighs.
Little one tucked in with dreams in her eyes.

All in all, this was a very sweet bedtime book.

Now as a twenty-six year old lady, I am a bit removed from the target audience…so I did my best to prepare and put myself into the mindset of a younger-Miranda before reading this book.

I wore my pajamas, made a cup of cocoa and waited until nightfall. I cuddled with my dog, tucked myself in and slowly read the book – and can say (quite honestly), I felt far sleepier after reading it than before.

Though…if I was being completely honest, whenever I get under the covers nowadays it’s like BAM-sleep. Can’t even read a chapter nowadays.

That being said, the pacing of the book and the soothing pictures and colors really helped set the sleepy mood.

I liked how the book was organized. First the creatures said goodnight – wild ones, then tame ones, and then we go inside the farm house to find where the baby was and say goodnight.

It felt a little like a lullaby with the way the words were spaced and the rhyming was done.

And the images! Clay Rice used cutouts for the animals and various aspects. It worked really well. The simple outlines and minimalist details really did a great job of creating a calm mood.

All in all – I adored this sleepy little book!

A huge thank you to the author and Familius for sending this book my way!

Interested in this one from Nupur Chowdhury? Buy it here:  Amazon

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