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American Princes: A Novel of First Daughter Alice Roosevelt – Stephanie Marie Thornton


★★★ ½

“You are a rare woman, Alice Roosevelt.” Nick leaned forward as if to tell me a secret. “In fact, I think I might be falling in love with you.”

Alice Roosevelt, eldest daughter of Theodore Roosevelt is about to experience the surprise of a lifetime.

“Father’s going to be president,” I said slowly, staring out the window as my mind raced ahead to what this meant for us.

She is thrust into the spotlight like no other girl of her time.

The tabloids were obsessed – from what she wore (her signature Alice blue) to what she did (scandalously modern shenanigans) – everywhere she went, the press followed.

But it was not all glitz and glam for the daughter of the president.

A girl was given only two opportunities in life to really shine: her debut and her wedding. With the way things were looking, my funeral was going to be livelier…

Alice Roosevelt was never the type of woman to sit at home and play the docile daughter – which caused no end to the tensions at home.

“Why is it so difficult to please you? Every time I do something I think you’ll approve of, it only serves to aggravate you further!”

But just when she thinks things cannot get any crazier, a certain Nick Longworth saunters into her life.

If I’d been a fainter, which I wasn’t and never would be, I’d have swooned dead away right there.

And from there on, Alice’s adventure truly begins.

Nick was her rock, her soulmate but he has a dark side, one of which she could never have seen coming. Alice never backed down from a challenge, but even steel can reach its limits…

Overall, I liked this one but I did not love it – but that’s not to say there weren’t areas to love.

Alice was delightfully modern.

I loved her sass and wit. The way she fired off zingers was truly spectacular.

I’m not fragile, you sour-faced nitwit. I’ve never been fragile a day in my life and I’m not about to start now.

However, the pacing of the story felt a bit off to me.

This book covers her entire life – which led to some events being condensed while others were given many chapters to develop.

There were quite a few events that I found fascinating but they passed in a blink of an eye…while others seemed to go on for far longer than necessary (especially towards the middle).

I think it’s due to this being historical fiction, and some events of Alice’s life were more publicized than others thus the author had more material to go on.

That being said, I loved discovering all the cute tidbits about Alice that the author researched (my favorite being Emily Spinach – Alice’s pet garden snake, who was carried around in Alice’s purse at parties!).

All in all, if you are looking for a fresh and funny historical look into the daughter of Theodore Roosevelt – look no farther! This book is perfect for you!

This is the moment I’ve waited for my entire life. This is when my life begins.

Interested in this one from Stephanie Thorton? Buy it here:  Amazon

With thanks to Berkley Publishing for a free ARC copy in exchange for an honest review.

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