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The Invisible Boy – Mary Feliciani


★★★ ½

Holding the book in both hands, he positioned it high enough to hide most of his face.

Salvatore, a fourth grader at Roseto Elementary School, spends much of his time feeling absolutely alone.

Oh how he wished he could play! But no one ever asked him.

Meanwhile, Carlo, Marco and the rest of the boys play tons of games – especially soccer.

One day after school, Carlo and his friends find an old trunk in an abandoned school and in that trunk is a cape.

Carlo’s friends think it would be fun to pretend that the cape really turns him invisible.

Carlo is about to learn a valuable lesson about what it feels to be ignored.

This one was good but it felt a little bit obvious to me – I could have used more showing and less telling.

I did like how it taught Carlo – one of the popular kids – what it felt like to be invisible.

It can be a bit hard to have kids understand different perspectivesthat they have never experienced.

And having an invisibility cloak is a good way to show the audience exactly what it feels like to be ignored.

I do wish the book had Salvatore find his voice a bit more and not focus so much on Carlo feeling invisible but other than that, it was a quick, entertaining read!

Interested in this one from Mary Feliciani? Buy it here:  Amazon

With thanks to the author for a free copy in exchange for an honest review


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