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The Magic Leaf – Mary Feliciani



Every day, Carlo had to walk up the mountain. He had to take food and drink to his father and the other men who worked there.

Carlo lives in a small, rustic town at the base of a mountain.

He has a very important job to do but he dreads it every day.

His load was heavy and it seemed to take forever to get to the men.

One day, Carlo’s best friend (Marco) comes along.

Marco reached into his pocket. He pulled out a leaf and gave it to Carlo.

Once Carlo has a magic leaf and a friendly face, suddenly the trek seems a bit lighter and everything a bit brighter.

This was a fun, entertaining read. 

I really enjoy how all of Mary Feliciani’s books follow the same set of characters through loosely connecting stories.

In this round Carlo has a very important job, he knows he has to do it but it’s a difficult thing to do.

It’s only with a friend by his side, does the task become easier.

It’s a good message for kids and it’s well done in this children’s book.

All in all, I enjoyed this book.

Interested in this one from Mary Feliciani? Buy it here:  Amazon

With thanks to the author for a free copy in exchange for an honest review.


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