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Margin Play – Eric Plume



Sacrifices had to be made.

Amber Eckart, private investigator, is struggling to keep her business afloat. The bills are piling up and there’s no end in sight.

Except, a mysterious lawyer shows up with a check large enough to perk anyone’s interest.

There’s a foreclosure on an old woman’s house that seems a bit…suspicious. The lawyer wants it checked out and Amber needs money – a perfect match, right?


What seemed like a simple open-and-shut case has fractured into a million pieces.

“So what did you do to get this shit dropped on you?”

“My guess would be I found out something someone doesn’t want me to know.”

“What was that?”

“Wish I knew.”

There’s suspicious dealing, money from offshore accounts and plenty of thugs surrounding this case.

“But he could have killed you,” Julian said.

“He could have,” I said, “but he didn’t, so I’m not going to fret about it.”

Luckily, Amber has her loyal employees and an old college friend to help out…but she’ll soon realize that even that may not be enough.

It’s easy to fall down the rabbit hole…and not so easy to crawl out.

Overall – I really enjoyed this one.

The mystery had perfect pacing and a fabulous storyline.

So many times, I feel like these books have outlandishly unbelievable twists and turns just so the author can “trick” the audience – but that was not the case here.

Every time there was a new twist, I was surprised but also had an “aha! it makes sense now!” moment – which made the book all the more enjoyable.

Amber was a great main character – she had the perfect blend of snappy one-liners and general badass.

Honestly, her wit and sass is my spirit animal. How could you not love a character who drops lines like this:

“Fuck you,” he said.

“Under no circumstances.”

Or this:

“What happened to your face?”

“Bizarre gardening accident,” I said.

“You live in an apartment,” he said.

“That’s what makes it bizarre.”

Though, to be honest, all of the characters in this book were pretty freaking great.

“Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean someone isn’t following you,” I said.

“In this case someone is,” he said.


All in all, it is a rare thing where everything in the book just clicks perfectly – but when you find one, it’s truly a wonderful experience.

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