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Fairy Village – Debbie Schramer & Mike Schramer


★★★★ ½

We turned to discover the most astonishing sight we had ever witnessed! It was a tiny person, a man, just a little taller than the mysterious cart.

Mike and Debbie Schramer were walking in the woods one day when a flock of birds began behaving strangely.

Puzzled, they follow the birds until they find a miniature cart, followed by a little man and his equally tiny wife.

The man explains that once in his lifetime, he’s allowed to show humans a hidden world.

Imagine, if you will, an encounter with an amazing fairytale world, a fairy village tucked deep in the most awe-inspiring forest of giant trees and ferns.

Ans so Mike and Debbie follow him, carefully taking notes the entire time.

The following stories, photographs, journal memories, and sketches are what we brought back from that day to share with you.

They decide to share this mini world with the “real” world – and so we have this lovely book, documenting all of the little shops, and gardens and homes in a real fairy village.

Wow! That’s truly how I feel I must sum this up – WOW!

This book was truly amazing – I could NOT believe how much painstaking detail was put into these photographs.

The authors make an unbelievably intricate village – from a bakery to a library to a beautiful little toy shop.

Each location contains a little description of what could be typically found there and a few rough sketches of the fair folk who’d frequent that area.

I loved reading (and seeing) all of the itty-bitty baked goods, and the seamstress’s shop – amazing.

And the chairs! Who knew there could possibly be so many fairy chairs in one little village! Truly amazing!

All in all, there was so much exquisite detail that I was constantly blown away – such an amazing book!

With thanks to Familius and the authors for providing a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

Interested in this one from Debbie Schramer and Mike Schramer? Buy it here:  Amazon

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