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Teeny Tiny Gnome Tomes – Rien Poortvliet


Life is never dull in a gnome home.


1) I love gnomes
2) I LOVE tiny things
3) These are TINY books about GNOMES

Essentially, I am dead and in heaven with these little books.

These three gnome-themed books come in a box set and are companions to Gnome Life – a short bestiary of Gnomes.

Without further ado – here’s my review!

Little Gnome Facts 


If you do not look carefully you will fail to see a hare in a meadow or a deer in a forest. So it is with gnomes – you may not see them but they are there.

A day in the life a young gnome family.

You get to learn all about the routine of a father gnome, mother gnome and the little gnomettes (my word, not his).

I love getting to see how the gnomes complete their daily tasks, interact with the animals and play around.

Gnomes to the Rescue 


But suddenly they were falling, down and down, into a deep hole in ground…he realized it wasn’t a dream at all. It was a nightmare. Only it was real. It was a troll trap!

Young Timme is kidnapped by terrible trolls and his poor wife, Lisa, needs to save him.

However, so many animals are in need to help, will she ever be able to save him?

A Gnome Counting Book


10 Birds – Birds are some of the gnome’s best friends

An absolutely adorable counting book – going from 1 to 20. Beautifully illustrated and a fun little search book a lot.

Did I mention…I bought a mini bookshelf SOLELY FOR THE PURPOSE OF THIS TINY BOOK?


“Slitzweitz,” which in gnome talk means “Goodnight.”

On a side note, anyone have mini book suggestions?

Interested in this one from K.S. Marsden? Buy it here:  Amazon


2 thoughts on “Teeny Tiny Gnome Tomes – Rien Poortvliet

  1. “Little Gnome Facts”…. How stinking cute is that??? The quotes you pulled from the books have such a nice rhythm to them. And I love that you bought a mini shelf for mini books!!! Great review, Miranda 🙂 ! (I’d make a mini book recommendation, but my eyes are heading toward LARGE print over teeny tiny gnome-sized words!!!) Haha!


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