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Catwoman – Sarah J Maas


★★★★ ½

Talks like a lady, acts like a thug.

Selina Kyle comes from the slums of Gotham City.

Her younger sister has cystic fibrosis and it’s all Selina can do to keeptheir heads above water.

When a chance at a new life is given to them, Selina must make the most difficult decision of all – leave behind everything (even her sister) for a chance at a better life for the two of them.

She was a ghost. A wraith.

Two years later, Celina is now Holly Vanderhees. Selina plays her little-rich-girl routine by day and slinks through the streets at night as Catwoman.

The ears on the dark helmet, the oversized lenses, the claws that she’d just retracted after that spectacular jump… Even her steps toward him oozed feline grace.

She quickly realizes that Batman is away and now the cat can come out to play.

And so starts a string of robberies that completely shock even the most hardened criminal.

Batwing is struggling to keep up as Catwoman dances away from yet another successful heist.

Worst of all? The new thief has partnered up with Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn.

Gotham is about to be razed.

Selina Kyle blew out a long breath as she lifted her chin and stepped into the sound and the light and the wrath.

Let the bloodying begin.

Ahhhh!! Sarah J Maas is truly a Maaster.

I loved the tone of this novel – it had the perfect mixture of touching moments, general bada** sass and kicka** action.

I loved visiting Gotham City through the lens of the Maaster – everything felt so vibrant and live. 

Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn were so well done. The friendship between them develops so quickly and yet so naturally.

I adored the underlying storyline between Selena and her sister – the scenes at the end actually made me tear up.

Easily the best of this series!

Audiobook Comments
Read by Julia Whelan – who absolutely rocked this audio.

Interested in this one from Sarah J Maas? Buy it here:  Amazon


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