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Book of Mythicality – Rhett McLaughlin & Link Neal



I’m a long-time fan of their morning show and when I found out they had a book (and were going for a tour!) I was over-the-mother-flippin-moon.

If you haven’t already guessed, I loved (LOVED) this book.

Before Rhett and Link were massive creators on Youtube, they began their lives together much like everyone else – in first grade.

Rhett and Link met in grade school while being held in for recess (on account of bad language). They spent the hour coloring mythical animals.description

Link wanted a best friend and Rhett loved sleeping over and poking around other family’s refrigerators.

Thus began a decades-long friendship that started with crazy childhood adventures, to sharing a college dorm, to getting (and then quitting) their jobs as engineers, to creating one of the most popular youtube morning shows AND FINALLY culminating in publishing a book.

And this book provided so many fun anecdotes along the way.

From their earliest childhood games to their marriage proposals to their early YouTube days – we are able to get an in-depth view on their long friendship.

I snickered to myself nearly every chapter. This book takes all the things I love – longtime friendships, funny antics, general quirkiness – and combines into one extremely entertaining novel.

I had the pleasure of seeing their live book tour.

In a word: awesome.

descriptionI distinctly remember, when they opened with, “Good Mythical Morning,” turning to my sister, clutching her arm as we both whisper-screamed, They are doing the thing. THEY’RE DOING THE THING!!!”

It’s just SO COOL to read about a whole new perspective on their lives and to see the book tour!

Their humor just got to me in absolutely the right way and I honestly couldn’t have imagined a better book by them.

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