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Fairy House – Debbie & Mike Schramer


★★★★ ½

Artists Mike and Debbie Schramer have been crafting and creating fairy houses for the past thirty years.

They use mostly found objects to piece together wonderfully unique and stunningly beautiful fairy homes, gardens, furniture and many, many more.

For years, people have asked HOW in the world to the Schramers make such intricate pieces…well ask no longer, for they have published a book!

This little how-to guide teaches all the basics of making miniature structures, followed by the buildings, furniture and accessories.

If you’ve ever wanted to make a fairy house, this book is for you!

All in all, I was rather impressed with this one! I liked the way they taught you how to make the shapes of the things, and then provided a bit of guidance regarding decorating…and then essentially told you to go wild!

The authors walk you through several different builds – from a forest cottage to a fairyland gazebo – there’s something for everyone!

I especially enjoyed all of the beautiful full-color illustrations and photographs.

It was so cool to see how the authors have interpreted something even as simple as a chair at least a dozen different ways!

I had an absolute blast with this book and cannot wait to do my very own fairy build!

With thanks to the authors and Familius for sending a free copy in exchange for an honest review!

Interested in this one from Mike & Debbie Schramer? Buy it here:  Amazon

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