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Abby: Alone – Peter Martuneac



That kind of life can’t ever get boring, I would think.

Before Abby was on the run from zombies, she lived a pretty normal life with her mom.

Like I said, she’s not a bad mom. Far from it. She works her butt off to provide for me.

Dance lessons, forced bonding, and plenty of schoolwork.

Her Chicagoan middle school and her mother keeps Abby on her toes.

But then…the unthinkable happens. And Abby finds herself in a situation she never would have thought to prepare for – lost, and alone.

In need of someone – anyone – to survive.

Overall, I thought this was a pretty good short story.

In the main book (His Name was Zach), Abby (aged 14, so 2 years after the short story) and Zach are partners in crime.

He teaches her how to fight and she teaches him how to dance. He’s the dad she never had and she’s the daughter he never knew he wanted.

But, they weren’t always together and this short story helps plug in those gaps.

My main issue with Abby in the main book is her naive nature, but in this book it was less aparent and what was present made sense (due to her age and sheltered life).

I liked her relationship with her mom, though it did seem a bit back-and-forth at first – with Abby saying she feels disconnected but then listing why her mom is a good mom, ending with:

She’s like a superhero to me.

So maybe that was just a case of the preteen-whines?

All in all, this one was pretty good but it was so short! I wish there was a longer ending!

Interested in this one from Peter Martuneac? Buy it here:  Amazon

7 thoughts on “Abby: Alone – Peter Martuneac

  1. Thanks again for reading (and listening) to this one Miranda! And good timing, as the sequel should be ready to publish soon!


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