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What Can We Be? – R.A. Crawford & Kayla Coombs



Alone in her room, Millie couldn’t stop yawning.

Millie’s bored. Like, really bored.

There’s nothing to do in her room and it’s terrible.

When she talks to her friends at school, she expects them to all be just as mind-numbingly bored as her.

But then…her friends start sharing stories about what they do when they’re at home with their dads.

Wild, crazy, fun stories – full of pirates and superheros and wizards and more.

Millie’s friend’s stories all sounded good,
that she rushed to her room as fast as she could

And waiting at home is Millie’s dad – ready to play.

Ahh! This one is SOOO cute! I loved it!

I really enjoyed reading this one. It was fun to see Millie’s friends at school share what their favorite pretend game with their dads.

One thing I noticed right away is that the dads are the stars of this children’s book.

While I don’t have actual evidence for it, I do have 20+ years of anecdotal evidence that children’s books seem to be skewed to mom-and-me or both-parents-and-me.

I have rarely seen a book where the emphasis is all the fun things you can do with your dad and honestly cannot remember one where there wasn’t a single mom present.

And I honestly feel like that should be a thing – especially with the movement of both parents becoming active members in their child’s life.

So to see a whole book completely devoted to celebrating dads and their daughters was very much appreciated.

As with any illustrated book – the pictures matter. A. Lot. I strongly feel that you can have the best children’s book in the world, but without the visual element, it will tank.

And allow me to assure you the illustrations are absolutely spot on. They were amazing.

The images had a semi-Disney feel and just the right dose of whimsy. They truly made the book memorable.

All in all, this book was an absolute gem.

With thanks to the authors for a free copy in exchange for an honest review

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