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The Gravity of Us – Phil Stamper


Another Booktube video – this time all about the Top 10 Books of 2020 (so far) .

Now that you know this fabulous book made the list, check out the video to see the rest!



I’m interested in him purely from a journalistic standpoint.

Cal may only be seventeen but he’s breaking barriers for year – his FlashFame account is pushing half a million flowers and people all over the world are tuning in to his reports.

If he plays his cards right, his career is going to skyrocket.

Until…his dad drops a bomb.

“…have you even googled Houston? It’s a cesspool.”

Cal’s dad, Calvin Sr, was selected to be a part of NASA’s Mars endeavor…and Cal is NOT happy about the move.

He didn’t ask to be uprooted, he wasn’t asked to be part of a NASA-reality show and above all, he didn’t ask to have his potential career go up in smoke.

…they don’t necessarily want me to shut down my accounts. But they want to control it…

But…Leon – another kid of a potential astronaut – seems to get Cal in all the ways his family doesn’t. And despite himself, Cal finds himself drawn to him.

And then, Cal realizes he’s going to have to make a choice – one that could ruin everything he’s ever known.

But that doesn’t stop the panic from settling in my body.

I really don’t read that many contemporaries – and this book book is making me rethink that stance!

I loved the space theme – and with an actual trip to Mars, it feels like something just around the corner!

Cal was a wonderfully grounded main character. He was fun and believable. After just a few pages, I felt like I could carry a conversation with him.

Though, if I’m being completely honest…I LOVED Leon. He was sweet and absolutely stole the show every time he came onto the page.

I kind of wish there was more of a dance between Cal and Leon but at the same time, they fit together so well. It was really enjoyable to watch them come to terms with their their future.

I didn’t think I’d enjoy the reality TV aspect but it really enhanced book – providing an interesting dynamic to the book.

All in all – I am so pleased by this book and I cannot WAIT to see what the author writes next!!

A HUGE thank you to Phil Stamper and Bloomsbury YA for sending me a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

Interested in this one from Phil Stamper? Buy it here:  Amazon

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