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Requesting Submissions from Book Lovers!

Hello all!

My name is Miranda Reads.  I am a book bloggerGoodreads top reviewer and a booktuber (book-themed YouTuber) (you may already know this, considering you are following my blog).

I am starting a new video series about authors, illustrators, editors, reviewers (etc), based on Some Good News, hosted by John Krasinski (Jim from the Office). The focus of the SGN channel is to spread good news and John actively encourages parodies. 

I want to create a parody of it called Some Good News – Booktube Special Edition where people in the book industry submit either a few short sentences or a video clip about good things that have happened recently in their literary world.

I’m seeking responses from authors, illustrators, reviewers, book lovers – in short, everyone!

If you are interested in submitting a written response: send me a message about something good that’s happened in your literary world to my email (, or my twitter account with the hashtag #somegoodbooknews or send me a message on my instagram: 

If you are interested in submitting a video response: I’d like you to introduce yourself, mention your book career (i.e. author, illustrator), your books (1-3 books total), and then a few short sentences about something good that’s happened with your literary world recently.

The goal is to make it quick, happy and upbeat.  It doesn’t have to be perfect – we just want to have that happy energy come through! If you’d like to submit multiple takes, that will be more than fine.

For submission, here’s a website that goes into how to submit large files: though it seems like most videos under a minute should be able to be attached via email. You can also upload your video to YouTube, set it to unlisted and send me the link.

60 seconds is the maximum  with 30 seconds (or less) being preferable. Depending on the length of the original submission, I might have to cut it down a bit to fit into the video.

If you use your phone to record – PLEASE film it using your rear camera and landscape in order to have maximum quality. Try to film near a window or under bright lighting. I also recommend checking your settings to ensure that you are filming at higher quality and 30 frames per second. Including your pets in the videos is not only welcome, but highly encouraged. ^_^

The submission deadline for the first episode is Sunday, May 24th (with the episode being edited during the week and published on my booktube channel the following Saturday (May 30th).

 I’d like this to be a reoccurring segment on the channel so if you can’t make that deadline, you can still submit for episode 2!

Best Wishes,

Miranda Reads

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