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The Jade Butterfly – Dawn Gardner


(A quick note – I’m now doing beta reading – if you are interested: Click here!)

Ellen Jones is back in town after a failed marriage and awful run-in at work, she’s living with her mother (again).

Joni, Ellen’s mother, has Alzheimer’s and it is getting worse. The doctors have told Ellen that she needs to brace herself.

Joni is going in and out lucidity, often showing a side to herself that Ellen never knew existed.

At first, Ellen is resentful. She’s angry. She’s furious that Joni has become like this. Painting and repainting the walls, wandering around without a care and retreating inside herself.

She hates feeling helpless and uprooted. Ellen wants her mother back to the way she was. She wants her marriage back and her old life.

But…the more time she spends with Joni, the more closer they become – and she begins to realize that all of those little resentments build was what drove the wedge between the two of them.

Will Ellen be able to come to terms in time? Or will she lose Joni forever?

Ahhh! I’m so excited that The Jade Butterfly has been published!

As full disclosure, I did beta read this book so I don’t think it would be fair for me to rate it – but I just couldn’t resist writing a review.

I feel like a proud Auntie, watching this little manuscript grow up and become a published book) but suffice to say that I adored it.

I loved the way the author weaved the two storylines together. There were so many moving parts and yet it all worked so well!

I also enjoyed the way the characters grew and developed. Ellen makes such an amazing transformation and Joni was such a firecracker.

The emotions portrayed by the characters were well done and ahh, it was such a heartwarming story!

A lovely book cover-to-cover

Interested in this one from Dawn Gardner? Buy it here:  Amazon

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