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Paganism for Beginners – Althaea Sebastiani


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The Written Review



Today, members of the Pagan movement can be found on nearly every contienent and practice a Paganism that is rich and vibrant.

If you’ve ever been curious about Paganism – both the past and present – then this book is for you.

Although each tradition speaks for itself, there are commonalities in practice, values, and worldview….

We start with the basics of Paganism followed by the various paths, deities and beliefs.

There were things that I’ve picked up before (just though movies and books) but I really was happy with getting a more-rounded understanding of how exactly Paganism works.

These beliefs are generally Earth-based (rooted in the reality that the Earth is sacred and central to spiritual practice) and polytheistic (founded on the existence of numerous individual and unique deities).

The book also goes into the Wheel of the Year (which is the holidays celebrated (i.e. Winter Solstice/Yule, Summer Solstice/Litha, Samhain/Hallowe’en, etc) and the various Rites of Passage (celebrating different ages and life events).

I thought the section on Magick was rather interesting (which is different from “magic” (aka what magicians use)) and the Symbols & Tools section was intriguing.

All in all, I was rather pleased with this book. I feel like I learned a ton and gained a greater perspective on this religion!

A huge thank you to Rockridge Press, Callisto Publisher’s Club and Althaea Sebastiani for sending this lovely book my way!

Interested in this one from Althaea Sebastiani? Buy it here:  Amazon

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