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The Beginner’s Guide to Canning – Diane Devereaux


★★★★ ½

Welcome to the fun, delicious world of home canning and preserving.

Ahhh…Ever since reading my Laura Ingalls Wilder books and Anne of Green Gables…I’ve wanted to get into canning.

Reading about those characters eating their homemade preserves and jams made me intensely jealous.

So, when I saw this gorgeous little how-to book up for review…I couldn’t resist.

I won’t lie though – canning is intimidating. Horror stories of food poisoning, recipe mishaps and more.

However, the author has anticipated that us newbiews might have a few reservations.

Through my classes and in my writing, I have made it my mission to remove any fear associated with home canning and preserving.

She’s structured her book around the beginner’s skill levels and includes recipes to reflect that.

There is an incredibly detailed section about what the requirements are for healthy and effective methods to can.

To help make canning simpler, this chapter has some easy, sure-fire hit recipes that will ease your way into canning….

After reading this beginner’s guide, I really feel ready to can – I’m ready and roaring to go.

Unfortunately, my summer isn’t quite ready for the canning yet but it is definitely getting there – and you bet that I’m eagerly checking it out every chance I get.

I’m excited to make homemade tomato sauce and canned stews/soups.

There’s also recipes for pickles (of course) and various fruit preserves – which I can purchase the fruit for (cause my garden is the savory sort).

I also love the last section – giftable treats – with all sorts of classic jams and jellies that will work perfectly for holidays.

All in all, I’m really excited about this one – I can’t wait to try it out.

A huge thank you to Rockridge Press, Callisto Publisher’s Club and Diane Devereaux for sending me a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

Interested in this one from Dianne Devereaux? Buy it here:  Amazon★★★★ ½

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