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Space Operatic – Dale E. Lehman



“Look. Everybody hates it here. It’s cold. It’s dark. … Life in general is miserable. My job is to make them forget all that.”

Roberto Maccarone – owner of a grand opera – has hit a…rough patch during its space travels.

really rough patch, in fact.

“Going sunward won’t help. The curse will follow us.”

The unrelenting curse is plaguing Maccarone’s company ever since they played on Titan, Saturn’s moon, and despite traveling to one of the furthest outposts….the curse is rearing its ugly head. Again.

Everything Maccarone does, just doesn’t go the way he planned.

Between the mercenaries, the subterfuge and rebels – Maccarone is up to his eyeballs in trouble.

But – there’s a shining light in the distance.

This forsaken place has one, glorious theater. It’s so incredibly beautiful and absolutely perfect.

Macarrone knows, instantly, that his troupe has to play in it. But as he circles the theater, all of the little problems suddenly triple in size.

Will he be able to perform and pull his troupe out of disaster? Or will he lose it all?

“It’s not a theater,” she whispered… “It’s a tomb.”

Whew! This was a COMPLETELY different direction from Lehman’s normal books – and I loved it.

Macarrone’s character was so fun to read – he was so quirky and lovable (with just a dash of sass).

The side characters worked really well – I loved the Culture Minister and watching everyone circle them.

The plot worked really well – it was fresh, exciting and wholly unexpected.

The adventure was constantly taking me for surprise – I never knew what was happening next but I absolutely loving it.

All in all, I’m so excited to have been able to read this new book from Lehman and I cannot WAIT to see what he writes next!!

A huge thank you to Dale E. Lehman for sending me a free copy in exchange for an honest review

Interested in this one from Dale E Lehman? Buy it here:  Amazon

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