How the Penguins Saved Veronica – Hazel Prior



Being alone is supposed to be an issue for people such as me, but I have to say I find it deeply satisfying.

Veronica McCreedy is rich, old and to be honest, she’s expecting to die (somewhat) soon.

So, now’s the time to get a lot of those end-of-life things out of the way. Like where her vast fortune would go.

At first, she tries to meet her grandson for the first time…but much to her disappointment…he’s a hooligan. And suspicious and on drugs…probably.

Like her harshness was a kind of coat she wrapped tightly round herself so nobody could see what was underneath.

So then she sets her sites on the next logical place to donate her money – the penguins in Antarctica.

But before she commits, she decides that she needs to visit the research station and get to know the people she’s leaving her money to (much to the researcher’s, her housekeeper’s and her grandson’s horror).

And once she sets her mind on something, well…let’s just say there’s nothing on this earth powerful enough to stop her.

It’s been a very long time since I’ve had an adventure.

Oh my gosh. This one was so much fun.

I’m such a fan of Hazel Prior and this book was no exception.

The quirkiness of this book and characters was fabulous. I never knew what the characters were going to do next and it really enhanced the book for me.

I absolutely LOVED the way Hazel Prior included the penguin facts throughout – it was so much fun to learn about the little guys.

I love the grumpy/eccentric characters – and Victoria was no exception.

She was a bit unlikable at first and I was….frustrated by her actions but the ending turned things around beautifully for me.

The ending…- I totally didn’t see it coming and it was absolutely perfect!

A huge thank you to Berkley Publishing, Netgalley and Hazel Prior for sending me a free copy in exchange for an honest review

Interested in this one from Hazel Prior? Buy it here: 

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