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Called to Be Creative -Mary Potter Kenyon


★★★★ ½

Sometimes we instinctively know what will bring us happiness.

Mary Potter Kenyon used to love to write as a kid but as she grew older, she grew out of the just-for-fun writing.

It was only after the loss of a loved one that she realized how much time she sacrificed and how much she neglected her creative side.

In this book, Mary Potter Kenyon takes us on her own journey to bring back her creativity and her passion for writing.

Whether it was cooking, gardening, spending time with animals, sketching, writing, empathetic listening or music, there was something you were drawn to as a child, an activity that brought you joy, that you can reignite now as an adult.

She has activities scattered throughout the book that are designed to help the reader find that early-passion and their creative side.

And of course, she always asks the question.

So, what are you waiting for?

This was such a fun book!

This is my first time reading a Mary Potter Kenyon book but gosh-dang do I want to pick up everything she’s ever written and just spend the weekend reading her books.

I loved her writing voice – it was a gentle and encouraging sort of tone (far removed from the kick-you-in-the-behind sort of self-help books I typically see).

It felt like she was an old friend, talking to me about her life and her adventures – and giving me some much-needed advice about how to open up my creative side.

The life events she pulls from were poignant and effective, and really drove the point home about embracing an artistic outlet.

I loved the diverse activities in this book that tied into each chapter’s theme and have already tried out quite a few.

All in all, I’m really pleased with this book and cannot wait to keep going!

With many thanks to Familius Publishing and Mary Potter Kenyon for sending me a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

Interested in this one from Mary Potter Kenyon? Buy it here:  Amazon

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