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Christopher Pumpkin – Sue Hendra, Paul Linnet, Nick East



The witch raised her wand for one final go.
There were SPARKLES and GLITTER…

A creepy old witch wants to throw a party – the biggest and bestest and scariest party yet.

But that’s far too much for one old witch to do. So she brings a few pumpkins to life to help, like:

Gnarly, Grizzley, Grunty, Roar, Snaggletooth, Stink Face…

Annnnd….Christopher Pumpkin?

Christopher Pumpkin is not like the others.

He’s sweet, he likes pink and most of all, he has no instinct for scaring.

The old witch tells Christopher Pumpkin that he MUST do something scary or she’ll turn him back into a regular pumpkin.

And so…Christopher Pumpkin decides to come up with a plan. A scary plan. One that might even send the scary witch running in fear!

Awww! this book was so freaking cute.

The plot was short but really well executed – the being-true-to-yourself vs following-everyone’s-expectations.

I loved how Christopher Pumpkin loved pink cupcakes and unicorns and wasn’t ashamed to bake and decorate the way he wanted to.

The illustrations were spot on – the emotions were really well drawn and the color choice was perfect.

This was hands down, one of the top 10 cutest books of the year.

Interested in this one from Sue Hendra Paul Linnet and  Nick East? Buy it here:  Amazon

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