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Diary of a Fairy Godmother – Esmé Raji Codell & Drazen Kozjan (illustrator)



“…she’ll be the wickedest witch wherever the four winds blow.”

Throughout Hunky Dory’s life, that’s all her mother said.

But as she’s nearing a hundred years old and finally (FINALLY) graduating school, Hunky Dory has to determine what she’ll be for the rest of her witch-y life.

But the more she ponders upon it, the less she wants to do.

She doesn’t particularly like cursing and scheming…she actually…kind of likes wish-granting.

Can a witch have a little fairy godmother in her?

But she can’t tell her friends, her mother or well, anyone.

If anyone were to find out, she’d be thrown out of school and the witch-y world…so she resolves to become a better more terrible witch to please get family.

…but maybe she’ll grant one more wish. Just one last one….and maybe one more after that…

I am revisiting a middle school favorite when I reread this one and wow – so happy that it held up over the years.

This book is overwhelmingly cute and I absolutely adored it.

I loved turning the “bad witch” trope on its head.

It was so much fun to see all of the classic fairytales weaving in and out of Hunky Dory’s life. Aurora as a baby, Goldielocks as a young witch and the various other storyland aspects.

One of my favorite parts is watching Hunky Dory “rebel” by being good...and then all of her witchy friends reel back in abject horror.

A classic!

Interested in this one from Esmé Raji CodellDrazen Kozjan? Buy it here:  Amazon

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