The Chain – Adrian McKinty


The darkness keeps its own counsel.

Remember those chain emails and letters? Make a copy of the letter, send it to 5 friends or die by midnight?

Yeah, this book is like that…but with children.

Rachel drops Kylie (her teenage daughter) at the bus stop on the way to work.

Then, she gets the call.

Detailing that if she does not pay the ransom and kidnap another child within a week, her own would get murdered.

No police, no outside help – no nothing.

At first, she kind of laughs it out but that all changes when she’s sent the first bit of evidence.

So this one, it has a beautiful beginning, then a mediocre middle and finally an ehh ending.

It started SOOO strong – and I was HOOKED from the beginning.

But the longer the book wore on, the more the main characters kept circling in this fevered pitch and it got kinda…samey.

I just wasn’t enjoying it.

And when we got to the grand reveal…it was really just a reveal.

The beginning set up SO much and not even half of it was played out…it was disappointing.

Interested in this one from Adrian McKinty? Buy it here:  Amazon


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