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Rich People Problems – Kevin Kwan



Dear Lord, thank you for getting me the fuck out of here. Amen

Nicholas Young narrowly escaped his family last round – and now he’s happily married and settled – but all that’s about to change.

His grandmother, Su Yi, is on her deathbed and he has no choice but rush to her side…along with entirety of his relatives.

While he is kind and loving, the rest of his family? Not so much.

Tourists should have to take a style exam before being allowed to set foot on the island!

They’re more concerned with what will be made available after the great Su Yi passes than missing her once she’s gone.

Nick’s mom though? She has an entirely different agenda.

This is her last chance to ensure that Su Yi makes up with Nicholas – and if there’s one thing that’s for certain, Nick’s mom does not go down quietly.

You’re my son—I’ve watched your nannies change your diapers…

I swear. These books are crack.

I didn’t even get into the Kitty Pong storyline or the Astrid one (though, I adored both, with a heavy emphasis on Astrid. So happy with the way hers turned out!).

Astrid, in particular, really shone in this book. She became such a front-runner and I adored every scene she was in.

Kitty was surprisingly well-done as well! She was such a character in the last few books – it was fun to see the direction her character took this round!

I love that Kwan sets up so many things with his books. I almost have to read everything twice because there’s so much happening but I’m having enough fun that I don’t mind.

All in all, I adored these books and cannot wait to read what Kwan writes next!!

Interested in this one from Kevin Kwan? Buy it here:  Amazon

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