The Mighty Silent e! – Kimberlee Gard



Little e knew he was important…

This sweet picture book seeks to teach children the importance of of the letter “e” by personifying letters in the alphabet.

In this world, little “e” goes to school with all the other little letters and most of the time, he’s left alone.

The other letters rarely paid him any attention.

The other little letters make so much more noise but little e is content with keeping his head down and studying.

But one day, little e doesn’t go to school.

The little letters didn’t even notice Little e was gone….but when Miss Capital T had the little letters join into groups and make words, things didn’t go so well.

All the little letters are going to learn exactly why little e is so important!

I don’t think I’ve ever read a cuter letters book!

I adored this concept – the personification of the letters was so well done.

I loved the way so many emotions and expressions were given to the letters via the illustrations. The colors were bright and engaging – and truly lifted the book.

The text did a fabulous job of explaining exactly how the silent letter e works in a sentence and creating an engaging storyline to boot.

All in all, a FANTASTIC book.

A huge thank you to Kimberlee and Familius for sending me a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

Interested in this one from Kimberlee Gard and Sandie Sonke? Buy it here:  Amazon

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