Boyfriend Material – Alexis Hall


Luc O’Donnell, also known as the son of two incredibly famous rock stars, has hit the (yet another) speed bump of his life.

His dad just picked up another show and his fame is on the rise (again)…and with that comes increased paparazzi for all those tangentially related…like poor Luc.

Luc’s latest scandal (though relatively minor) was enough to send his bosses heads flying and the donors for his work scrambling away.

The only solution? Find a cute, stable and SAFE boyfriend to settle down with until it all blows over.

Enter Oliver Blackwell – the epitome of the bring-home-to-the-folks trope.

He’s a barrister, he loves spending the night in and above all, he’s scandal-free. AND he needs a fake boyfriend to bring home to the folks as well.

Only what once was a clear-cut fake relationship is quickly feeling incredibly and permanently real.

Overall – I LOVED this book.

I know, I know. It definitely looks like just another fake-to-real boyfriend trope but the way it was executed – flawless.

I’ve read so many of those books that every moment of this book, (I thought) I had a pretty solid prediction of where it was going.

BUT I was wrong nearly every time (and the few times I was right, I was SO happy the book was taking that direction).

So much of the book is pure dialogue but the two main characters had such sass and class – their quips and quotes had me literally laughing out loud.

All in all, I adored this book. I loved this book. I’m going to be devastated if there isn’t another one.

With thanks to Netgalley, Alexis Hall and Sourcebooks for sending me a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

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