Penguins and Other Sea Birds – Matt Sewell


★★★★ ½

Hopefully in this book you will discover that there is a lot more to penguins than being cute. In fact, they are one of the hardiest souls on the planet…

Matt Sewell takes us on an amazing little adventure as we travel the globe to learn cool facts and looking at gorgeous illustrations of various penguins and sea birds.

Matt provides one full-color picture and one page of description per bird…though these aren’t your typical animal-facts!

I absolutely loved the quirky little way Matt Sewell does his animal descriptions.

Take the King Penguin:

…their chick, which – especially when compared to the dignified nobility of its folks – looks like an awkward toddler in a Sasquatch outfit.

It’s just so much fun to watch the author have fun with his book!

Want to know why the Smew is my favorite seabird…? It has the best name: Smew. So cute.

I loved his dry humor that was scattered throughout as well.

Probably the most popularly named bird in this book, the Blue-footed Booby’s name will no doubt get a few chortles from those of you who find that kind of thing funny.

In short – I’m overwhelmed with cuteness and the illustrations truly make this book perfect.

Highly recommended if you are looking for a quick and enjoyable book about animals!

Interested in this one from Matt Sewell? Buy it here:  Amazon

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