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He knew it was time to modernize, so he created…

It’s a time for change – Santa can no longer make everything by hand and he’s updated the North Pole.

“Remember, Christmas cannot make itself.
We need the work of every elf!” allows for Christmas presents to be automatically made, under the careful supervision of elves.

But then something terrible happens. Something rough and tough.

It’s going to be up to one young elf to save Christmas – but is it too big of a job?

I do have to admit that I’m really partial to a more classic tale of Santa Claus (homemade toys, a small workshop, etc) but this one was a cute twist on a classic.

I think the illustrations worked really well and the elves were super adorable.

I quite liked the wrap-up of this one!

With thanks to Familius Publishing and the authors for a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

Interested in this one from Russell Hicks? Buy it here:  Amazon

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