Three Single Wives – Gina LaManna


What happens when book club gets a little….murdery?

Anne, Eliza and Penny arrive for what was supposed to be a completely normal book club night. They got the booze, they got the books and they have one very dead husband at the end of it.

But…who did it?

Was it Anne? The overworked mother of four and wife of a probable-cheating spouse?

Was it Eliza? The workaholic one-woman powerhouse with a probable-cheating spouse?

Or was it Penny? The kleptomaniac pathological liar who slept with a married man?

One of them is going to jail…but with so many motives, which one?

Overall – I quite liked this story!

I loved how LaManna slowly revealed all of the character quirks and plot-details.

Anne, Eliza and Penny were such unique characters – and they (and the myriad of side characters) were such great suspects.

I was so confident so many times throughout this book that I “found” the right killer…only to discover that I was completely off each time.

I also liked the way book club was woven into the story – though part of me wished the books were a bit more grounded in reality, so I could read along with them.

All in all, I feel like this book worked really well!

A huge thank you to Sourcebooks Landmark and Gina LaManna for sending me a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

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