CAMP – LC Rosen


Randy Kapplehoff waits all year for the summer – because with the summer comes Camp Outland.

This is a camp made for queer teens and it’s truly become Randy’s home away from home.

There’s his best friends from across the country, there’s the pure joy of creating a theater production in the matter of weeks…and…there’s Hudson.

Huuuudson. Swoon.

But, Randy never even got a chance. Hudson is only into straight-acting guys and Randy is very…not.

Hence: The Plan.

Randy has spent all school year working out and scheming. He’s put away his nail polish and musical scripts. He’s even picked out a new name – Del.

This summer – Del’s going to rock Hudson’s world.

Oh. My. Gosh. This one was killer-cute.

Sometimes you just absolutely NEED a book where there’s romance, sass and all the right feels.

I absolutely adored Randy. His take on the world was absolutely hilarious and I adored watching him grow and develop.

And Hudson! Poor, poor Hudson had no idea what was coming for him…but it was also soooo what he needed.

All in all – this book was FABULOUS and I cannot wait to see what the author writes next!

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