Beach Read – Emily Henry


January Andrews is a romance writer through-and-through. She loves crafting unlikely duos, adorable meet-cutes and happy endings.

Augustus Everett is a serious, literary writer from head-to-toe. He loves delving into criminal mindsets, conducting incredible plot twists and killing off all his characters at the end.

January and Augustus went to the same college and a rivalry sparked.

Through a coincidence to end all coincidences, the both of them end up spending the summer as next-door beach houses.

And they both have horrible writer’s block.

After one particularly rough night, they make a pact.

Augustus has to write a happy book and January has to pen a Great American Novel. They both will take the other on field trips to introduce them to the genre but that’s the only help they’d give.

However, what began as a fun wager quickly becomes serious.

And January soon realizes that all of her “research” trips are more like dates…and what’s worse…is she’s beginning to like them. A lot.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book.

It took the usual enemies-to-lovers trope and flipped it for me. I loved watching the two of them dance around each other and test each other’s boundaries.

I adored the “dates” – from cute square dancing lessons to interviewing former cult members – it was a wild and fascinating ride.

This book was a little more serious than a typical romance book and I feel like that grounded me in the story more than I usually am.

All in all, this one was a fabulous read and I definitely recommend it if you want a cute romance!

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