In a Badger Way – Shelly Laurenston


In this world there are humans and shifters – and the humans don’t know the shifters exist.

And among the shifters there’s the usual – wolves, bears and the like. And then there’s the unusual ones – like hybrids honey badger-tigers.

Stevie and her siblings are all hybrids of different types (they share a father but their mothers are all different). And that has caused a lot of backlash from the purist shifter world.

Despite their differences, the siblings MUST find a way to stick together and stay alive.

Especially when Stevie discovers a plot that just might end it all.

This was a really entertaining second book in the Honey Badger Chronicles.

I loved revisiting this world and all its wild and crazy energy.

The siblings are just as high-energy and ready-to-fight as before – which ensures that there never is a dull moment in this series.

I also really enjoyed the relationship between Shen and Stevie – they compliment each other fairly well.

One of the things that did throw me out of the story slightly was that Stevie was too good at things – and it stifled the growth of her character.

Overall, it was fun read.

This was sent from Kensington Books

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